Nova Center for Environmental Economics

We are a center at Nova SBE for academic research and policy advice in environmental and natural resources economics. Our mission is to produce high quality multidisciplinary research by fostering cooperation between economists and environmental scientists. We focus on applied studies, creating knowledge and expertise to assist decision making in the public and private sectors.


New Publication

A new paper by Renato Rosa and Rui Mota, entitled "Preference for Landings’ Smoothing and Risk of Collapse in Optimal Fishery Policies: The Ibero-Atlantic Sardine Fishery" has been published on Environmental and Resource…

New Policy Briefs

The policy briefs, "Riding the Big Waves in Nazaré" and "Marine Renewable Energy in Portugal", are now available. These publications highlight some of the policy implications resulting from a research project developed in the context…

Gulbenkian Oceans Initative – Final results

On october 25 Prof. Maria A. Cunha-e-Sá was an invited panelist on the conference that presented and discussed the final results of the Gulbenkin Oceans Initiative. You can watch the conference video here.…


Integrating ecology and economics to design forest management practices

The purpose of this project is to deliver regional forestry/land use models, providing scientific tools to inform forest policy. It builds upon multidisciplinary work to develop state-of-the-art age/size structured and process based forest…

MarES: Changing uses and values of marine ecosystem services in the Norwegian Arctic

Worldwide marine ecosystem services are under increasing pressure from competing human uses, such as aquaculture, sea transport, energy production, conservation, fishing, and recreation.

Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative

The Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative (GOI) funded an interdisciplinary research project with the purpose of determining the economic value of some of the ocean’s benefits to Portugal. The project’s results seek to contribute directly…